All the entries are in!

All the entries are in and we’re busily organising for the opening night! It’s looking like an amazing show this year with over 300 entries from around the region.
We’re busy, but looking forward to the opening on Friday night! We hope you’ll be there!!

A couple of weeks ago we held our Trivia Night fundraiser for the Coraki Art Prize…

Oh! What a Night!

Oh! What a Night in more ways than one. The weather was atrocious and all day I kept thinking no-one is going to turn up in this rain. Poor John was driving up from Sydney and I even wondered about him making it. He arrived at about 6pm and said it had rained all the way. How incredible after such a trip he was so lively, friendly and entertaining.

140 paying guests and 10 helpers crowded into the Golf Club and the atmosphere was immediately one of expectation of having a good time. Everyone seemed to bring their party mood with them.  Thank goodness for the rain in some ways because if the two tables that cancelled for various reasons during the afternoon had come we would have been very crowded. One of the cancelled tables was Janelle Saffin’s.  She was quite ill on the night and very disappointed. I know she expected to be on the winning table again. I don’t know about their chances this year!!!!

The “light supper” was very popular. Some plates were almost overflowing. Obviously decisions couldn’t be made. I would say that the salad making skills of the Art Committee reign supreme. The kitchen was very professional and all volunteers said they loved working under Ana Thompson’s quiet, efficient manner. I think in the future we will have some people coming back for the food alone.

From the moment that John Faulkner took the microphone he was in complete control of the crowd. Even those who may have come to test him out came off second best. He seems to thrive on some opposition. Must have been all that training in Senate Estimates in Opposition and of course the classroom in the early days of his career.

Great mix of people attended lots of locals, others from Casino, Lismore, Bangalow, Bryon Bay ,Brisbane and a friend flew up from Canberra. All walks of life from students to surgeons.

Nora Fiddler Blanksby,s table were the most colourful, the women all wearing blonde wigs and the men pink ones. They called themselves THE MARILYNS.  Nora told me that she found the night incredibly well organised and stimulating. She thinks that it is one of great social outings in this region. A real chance to meet up with friends that you haven’t seen for ages.

Jenn Joy agreed with Nora in an e-mail she sent me the next day. To quote “Wow, what a wonderful night!!!!!Sorry I didn’t get time to catch up, but we were so busy catching up with so many long lost friends..wonderful for me to see people I haven’t had contact with for so many years.

And isn’t Senator Faulkner a scream! Totally unexpected talent.. although I guess you have to be a frustrated performer to do anything in politics.. thoroughly enjoyed his humour”.

Mickey Hatch who out-bid everyone to obtain the bottle of wine signed by the PM Julia Gillard and a personally signed True Believers edited by John Faulkner and Stuart McIntrye said of the night, “A great Art Prize, A great night, Certainly one for the True Believers”

The winning table was booked in the name of Lisa W   from Lismore. A table of three women outshone all takers. Many in the audience thought they were Trivia professionals. I sent an e-mail asking for a little information about themselves but have received no reply. So I don’t. All I know is that they were impressive. They received certificates signed by John and Julia and two bottles of wine each.

So hope to see everyone at the 3rd annual Coraki Quiz Night.



Melva Thompson





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