Congratulations to the 2011 winners!

Here’s the official list of winners!

 A big Thank You to everyone who entered, supported, volunteered, sponsored and came tonight to the opening!
And of course to our fabulous Judges, Kylie Scroope, Michael Moynihan, Tess Forbes and Jan Dixon.

1st prize- Nikky Morgan-smith “The Truth of White Lies”
2nd prize – Ivonne Mace “Walking the Track Evans Head”
3rd prize – Meredith Crowe “And Away We Go” Drawing

1st prize- Oksana Waterfall “Cassia Court”
2nd prize – Marion Arent “Father O’Whey (Gotta Go Milk the Chooks)”
3rd prize – Shirley Fitzgerald “The Red Swimsuit”

1st prize – Darren Bryant “Blueprint One #1”
Highly Commended – Sarah Harvey “Some things are lost while others fade”
Highly Commended – Melissa Wright -“She moves”

1st prize – Mel Robin “Hold On”
2nd prize -Justin Crisp “The Birdsville Track”

1st prize – Jimmy Malecki “Untitled”
2nd prize – Lynette Chapman “Gemma Comes for a Visit”

youth art under 12
1st prize – Niari Lee “Eagle”
2nd prize – Luki Harema Foster “Painting of the riverbank, river, trees and road”
HC – Journey Naday Ford “Leaf Curl”

youth art 13-18
1st prize – Joshua Castle “Let the World Hurry By”
2nd prize – Emma Grey  “Marina the Mermaid”
HC – Ashley Castle “Imperfections”

Youth photography
1st prize – Yoshi Zenz-Mcarthy “Bass Hill – frontside boardside”
2nd prize –  Zia Vaughan-Johnson “Leaves from the Family Tree”

Coraki district its people & places
1st prize – Joanna Burgler “Percy’s Window”
2nd prize – Kirra Pendergast “John Auckram”

Best in SHOW!
John Smith “Standing falling angels”

Encouragement Award
Vanessa Kapeen 

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