The first prize in our raffle this year is once again a ‘COLLECTOR’S START UP KIT’.

The collector’s start-up kit comprises a suite of artworks by local artists, most of which are former ‘Coraki Art Prize’ prize winners who have each generously donated a piece of their valuable work. The collection is a broad and rich selection of works which is a fantastic start-up kit for collecting Australian contemporary art.

The 2014 prize features work by 2012 winner in Painting, MELITTA PERRY.

‘In – Between Homes’


60cm x 76cm, Acrylic and Glaze on Canvas.

Melitta Perry Brief Bio:

Born in Sydney, I was originally trained as an architectural illustrator employing traditional drawing skills. I have been a practicing artist for 16 years and first exhibited in the UK where I lived for nearly a decade. Since my return to Australia in the early 2000’s I have held 5 solo shows, (Catherine Asquith Gallery Melbourne – 2006, 2007, Schubert Galleries, 2008, Retrospect Galleries, 2011 and Bare Bones Art Space, 2005). I have also been a selected finalist in several prize exhibitions, (Portia Geach Award, 2005, Metro 5 Art Award, 2005, Country Energy Art Award, 2007, 2009).

I currently live in Mullumbimby with my young daughter and am represented by Anthea Polson Gallery.

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