The Collector’s start up kit comprises a suite of artworks by local artists that have been kind enough to donate their work. The collection is a broad and rich selection of works which is a fantastic start-up kit for collecting Australian contemporary art.

One of the works featured in this prize is this beautiful glass sculpture by Jacqueline KingJKingForestFloor3

‘Forest Floor’ – kiln- and flame-worked glass by Jacqueline King.

This beautiful piece is inspired by the less than 0.1 per cent remnant big scrub rainforest that remains of the once 75,000 hectares in this region. The hand cut leaves are slumped into a bowl vessel. Jacqueline’s work is highly personal yet retains an aesthetic that speaks to us all. She emphasises the brilliance and beauty of glass – allowing it to ‘come to life’ with light, colour, texture and form. “Glass is the most beautiful medium to work in as it has its unique challenges but the presence of light can dazzle and transform a piece in seconds. I believe I have found a life long love and I hope my work inspires grace and just a little natural peace.”

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