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Exhibition encourages aspiring young artists


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Last Saturday afternoon at the Youth Hall in Coraki those who gathered to celebrate the work of our young artists were really knocked out by the standard of work on display.

This work was produced in the one -day workshops which were run by the Coraki Art Prize and funded from a grant from Arts NSW. It was great to see the students appreciate how their work was displayed and in the case of the painting workshop to see their work displayed alongside that of their teacher, Digby Moran. Wonder of all wonders both sets of work complemented each other. That must be a great feeling for the young artists who admired Digby’s work so much!

The students also enjoyed seeing the work from the workshop they didn’t attend. Many from the Painting workshop expressed an interest in joining Darren Bryant in Printmaking next time. Both teachers said that the participants were a pleasure to teach, not only for their talent but for their wholehearted participation and politeness.


It was great to see parents, grandmothers, friends of students and lovers of Art attend the exhibition. Sales were boosted when two wonderful women from Lismore came later in the afternoon. They bought 3 paintings between them. They said they had been looking everywhere for work like this and had not been able to find it till now. High praise for our young artists!

Thanks to everyone who helped make these shows happen and a special thanks to the people who supported the young artists by attending on Saturday. They really appreciated it.

Many students are already asking when our next workshop is going to take place?

And we do have more workshops happening at Coraki Primary School in October. This time they are funded by a Richmond Valley Council grant. Joanna Kambourian, a Visual Artist and Coraki Resident, and Wendy Powitt, and winner of the Sculpture section last year, will work with grade 4,5 &6 to produce collaboration works that will be exhibited at the Art prize opening at the end of October.

Also congratulations to Coraki Art Prize committee member, Ana Thompson, who was runner up in the Tursa Open Painting Prize at the Bentley Art Prize. Once again, Coraki has done well in the Bentley.

by Melva Thompson

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Talented Teenagers Art Exhibition

Kids on Canvas and Candles & Printmaking on Paper


When the Coraki Art Prize was sussessful in gaining an Arts NSW grant to hold workshops for teenagers we could never have envisaged just how much talent we have here in Coraki. In you are in the area make sure you come along Saturday at 2:00pm to the Coraki Youth Hall.


Because local teenagers recently attended workshops run by the Coraki Art Prize and funded by a grant from Arts NSW!

The painting workshop was hosted by local artist Digby Moran and Candles were also donated for the kids to paint by Linda Saul from Integrity Candles. One student has had offers to buy her work and another is being mentored by Digby for her drawing skills.

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The printmaking workshop was run last week by local printmaker Darren Bryant and gave the kids the opportunity to print monotypes and drypoint prints on a small printing press!

Both workshops were a great success, Please come and encourage them and support their efforts and their wonderful creations!


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Coraki Art Prize to hold youth art workshops!

The committee are thrilled that we have received a Country Arts Support Grant from Arts NSW.

Thank you very much to all the community groups and individuals who wrote letters of support for the project. Basically the project is for two workshops, Painting and Printmaking, for up to 25 local youth who show an aptitude for the Visual Arts as well as a workshop with the school children during the Art Prize.

We will be working closely with local schools to identify these students and have already gained support from Coraki Primary School and Evans River K-12. Both workshops will be on a Saturday at Coraki Primary School. The Painting workshop is in July and will be led by a leading Bundjalung artist, Digby Moran. Digby has both a national and international profile in the Art world. The Printmaking workshop is in August and will be led by local Coraki artist and lecturer in Printmaking at Southern Cross University, Darren Bryant.

The students will have a chance to see the work of other artists as well as create their own work. There will be a follow up exhibition of the work produced.

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