Collector’s Starter Kit 2011

The Collectors Starter Kit is Coraki Art Prize’s very own unique fundraising raffle, held on opening night!

This will be the third year the Starter kit Raffle prize has been on offer and comprises a suite of artworks by local artists who have established and successful national and international art practices. The collection is a broad and rich selection of works which is a fantastic  start-up kit for collecting Australian contemporary art.

This year is a little bit different as we have work donated by the winners of last years Coraki Art Prize on offer in the Start-Up kit, and is looking to be another fantastic suite of works to start your own local art collection. This is a great way to further promote the careers of the winning artists, who are either emerging national contemporary artists or are having significant successes within their art practices. The artists are: Annette Garland, Meredith Cusack, Sarah Harvey, Clare Twomey and Wendy Powitt.

The Collectors Starter Kit 2010